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Incorporated on September 15 2016.

The company was incorporated on September 15, 2016 in Sri Lanka. The company offers packaging products and services to various categories of industries to fulfill their packaging requirements. Packaging materials are imported from top quality suppliers from around the world and are provided to the customers. Customer requirement is very important to us and therefore all the products and services that we offer are made to ensure that the customer requirements are fulfilled. The main objective of our business is to ensure that all businesses have access to the highest quality material for all their packaging requirements.

We provide quality products & services.

We specialize in packaging products and services. Our line of products are based on popular customer requirements. Currently our main supply of products are paper tubes, paper sheets, paper roll, spool flanges, edge protectors, demy and oil papers. All of these products are sourced and imported from quality material suppliers from around the globe. Some of the services that we provide include Paper Slitting and Rewinding and Paper Slitting and Sheeting. We utilize latest technology to ensure that our services meet the high quality standards.

Excellent customer support to ensure customer satisfaction.

We thrive to ensure that we provide our customers with the best customer support that is possible. We are available to answer all your questions regarding packaging material products and services that we have to offer to you all. Contact us through any of the provided means of communication to get in touch with us and have your questions answered for you’ll to make business decisions. We are looking forward to help you out with your queries.

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